Size Conversion

A70 32A 32A
B70 32B 32B
C70 32C 32C
A75 34A 34A
B75 34B 34B
C75 34C 34C
A80 36A 36A
B80 36B 36B
C80 36C 36C
D80 36D 36D
E80 36DD 36E
A85 38A 38A
B85 38B 38B
C85 38C 38C
D85 38D 38D
E85 38DD 38E
A90 40A 40A
B90 40B 40B
C90 40C 40C
D90 40D 40D
E90 40DD 40E
B95 42B 42B
C95 42C 42C
D95 42D 42D
E95 42DD 42E


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