Did you know that Wacoal originated from Japan?  A lot of people have a different idea. 
This is one of the reasons why Philippine Wacoal, together with other members of the Wacoal Asian group,
decided to bring influencers to Japan to showcase the Wacoal products, its history and the
processes involved in product development.   But as the tour progresses, our influencers learned more than that.



Before all the factory tour and introduction of Wacoal Passion, it is also important to start the trip with where Wacoal originated, Kyoto Japan.

From left to right is Ms. Shari (@themistymom), Ms. Kath (@kittykittiekath), Ms. Rochelle (@rochellemiko),
Ms. Liz (@lizlanuzo) and Ms. Camille (@itscamilleco)at Kinkaku-ji temple

We invited five of the top influencers in the country: Ms. Shari Macainag, Ms. Kath Rivera, Ms. Rochelle Rivera,
Ms. Liz Lanuzo  and Ms. Camille Co, to share with you their experiences during this Passion for Product tour.  

To start the trip we visited one of the oldest cities in Japan, Kyoto.  Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan,
until after the Meiji Restoration that the Royal family has moved to their new imperial home in Tokyo.
But the Japanese government agreed to preserve the old charm of Kyoto.

From right to left is Ms. Rochelle, Ms. Liz, Ms. Kath, Ms. Shari, Ms. Camille and their Tea Master at Kodai-ji Temple for
Tea Ceremony and Meditation Experience.


Aside from its rich history, Kyoto is famous for its temples, shrines and gardens.
One of the outstanding temples in Kyoto is the Kodai-ji temple, which is established in memory of one of Japan’s
greatest historical figure. It is known for its richly decorated interiors and its beautiful Zen Garden.
Also, it is a famous place for its Tea Ceremony and Meditation Experience which we enjoyed!  
The Tea Ceremony and Meditation Experience gave us a deeper perspective of Japanese culture –
that beauty, discipline and art are so ingrained in their culture and lifestyle.

Ms. Camille Co at Kiyomizu Temple

Ms. Rochelle Rivera at Koda-ji Temple

Ms. Liz Lanuzo at Kinkaku-ji temple

@themistymom (Ms. Shari Macainag)

Ms. Kath Rivera

It is true that Kyoto has captured all of us and we can’t deny that we we’re in awe
with all of the historic places that we have been. But most importantly we love Kyoto because it is where Wacoal has originated.

So, allow us to discuss how Wacoal was able to create a wonderful journey in the industry.

Wacoal was introduced by a young soldier, Mr. Koichi Tsukamoto, in 1946. It was first known  as “WAKO-SHOJI”
where WA refers to harmony, KO from the province of where the founder hailed and SHOJI
as a trading company. Back then, Wako-Shoji was a wholesaler of women’s accessories and after
the women of Japan shifted from traditional Kimonos (where they don’t need to wear bras at all)
to Western modern fashion, it was then when Wacoal Corp. started to introduce underwear.

But all of Wacoal’s products isn’t just your ‘normal underwear’, in 1964 Wacoal established
a Human Science Research Center to conduct a study on women’s beauty, health and bodies
to support its product development. Until today, Wacoal continouosly develop ways and invest time and effort in
conducting intensive research to design underwear that will help women realize their desire to be beautiful.

And because Wacoal Corp. is very passionate in pursuing their mission to help women express
their beauty, Wacoal has expanded around the globe. It was also established in America, across Asia and later on in Europe.

All of this is just a start of the journey, and we are excited to tell you more of it in our Day 2! Stay tuned for more Wacoal Passion stories.