Did you know that Wacoal originated from Japan?  A lot of people have a different idea. 
This is one of the reasons why Philippine Wacoal, together with other members of the Wacoal Asian group,
decided to bring influencers to Japan to showcase the Wacoal products, its history and the
processes involved in product development.   But as the tour progresses, our influencers learned more than that.

Day 2: Wacoal Factory Tour

We at Wacoal, commits to quality, comfort and so as to style. And we want to show you how Wacoal Japan gets things done.

Hokuriku Wacoal Factory

In a fine day of March, we, together with our Social Media Influencers, visited one of the most
important points of Wacoal Japan; the Hokuriku Factory. Of course it is expected that
we would see workers combining fine materials to come up with a pair of undies,
but what we have seen way beyond this.

Our Influencers giving their best posts at the Wacoal Hokuriku Factory; From left to right is Ms. Liz Lanuzo,
Ms. Shari Macainag, Ms. Rochelle Rivera, Ms. Camille Co and Ms. Kath Rivera

“I saw what their factory is all about – cutting and sewing process was done in a very meticulous way.
From prototyping, to selecting of fabric, cutting, combining, sewing, inspecting and shipping,
all of these pass through a fully coordinated process. Wacoal factory
is not just an ordinary factory because of the clean environment methinks it’s an office.” – Ms. Kath Rivera  

First on the list of processes; Material Control. To guarantee quality, the initial stage is to check all the materials
to be used before creating perfect underwear. We noticed that all of the materials, were laid
out well and in storing all of these, Wacoal Japan controls the air temperature within the room to ensure the condition of the fabrics.

Next is to Spread and to Cut the Fabric, which is where they unroll the Fabric to be used and spread it evenly.
This is done by hand, so that when the Fabrics are to be cut, it will be in a perfect pattern.

Wacoal worker meticulously sewing the items together to complete a set of underwear 

Wacoal worker strictly inspecting a brassiere for quality control

Wacoal Factory is unlike any other factory that focuses more on the quantity of
the product than the quality. After inspecting all the materials to be used,
we saw every worker delicately sewing and strictly inspecting each and every item
before proceeding to another one. This really proves that in Wacoal, we persuade quality.

Ms. Shari (@themistymom) recording the processes of developing a brassiere


Aside from securing of quality and sophisticated sewing techniques that we saw, we were
also fascinated with the displayed premium line of Wacoal inside the factory.

One of their most famous items in Wacoal Japan which costs more than a hundred thousand yen or P50,000. Yep! 50k!

After the sewing factory, our team also went onto Takeda Lace factory and this is
where things got really interesting. We saw the step by step process of putting up all single
materials to create such detailed and wonderful designs.
What really keeps us in awe is how they make all of their lacey designs
which where they use special electronic equipment and software to slowly trace and to
meticulously check all the lace designs.

These photos shows how Wacoal Workers are tracing lace designs

Ms. Camille Co looking closely at the manufacturing process of Lace after it was drafted

Time for some Quality control! This is how the Wacoal Worker closely inspects the lace patterns;
we are told that Lace Materials has been checked 3 to 4 times before distributing it to the factory.

Our team having a conversation with one of the Japanese executive that toured us along their Material Factory


After learning beyond expected at the Wacoal Factory, of course we wrapped up the day
with a very fun filled dinner at The Sodoh Higashimaya Kyoto where we had the best meals
in our tables plus a glimpse of the Japanese culture which is played by fine artists.

Our influencers with Sodoh Higashimaya Artists

“I’ve witnessed how Wacoal products we’re intricately made and shared
to the world. We we’re hugely impressed on how they (Wacoal) set standards for each product
and live to its name. This incredible experience is worth the trip.” – Ms. Rochelle Rivera

It has been a fun filled day indeed! And we are so pleased to share with you
Wacoal’s Passion for Product Tour, with that! See you all in our Third Day at Kyoto Experience.

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