Did you know that Wacoal originated from Japan?  A lot of people have a different idea. 
This is one of the reasons why Philippine Wacoal, together with other members of the Wacoal Asian group,
decided to bring influencers to Japan to showcase the Wacoal products, its history and the
processes involved in product development.   But as the tour progresses, our influencers learned more than that.


Day 3: A visit to the Japan Wacoal Stores and the Wacoal Head Office

On the last day of our Passion for Product tour, we headed to Wacoal’s new building
at Kyoto, several Wacoal Stores and of course, at Wacoal’s head office.
Each day is filled with more excitement and our visit to Wacoal Factory made all of us crave for more!
Join us as we start our 3rd day of fun and adventure!



In the morning of our 3rd day, we had the chance to visit Wacoal counters before the mall opening hours.
Some of the premium designed items that we saw at Hokuriku Wacoal Factory were
also displayed together with their other unique lacey designs.
All lingerie’s, from the brassieres, underwear, to sleepwear, were neatly displayed. 



After seeing explicit lacey deigns at Takashimaya Wacoal Store, we then headed to LAQUE
in Shijo Karasuma to visit the Salute by Wacoal Store, which also showcased the premium line.
Apart from the alluring designs of bras and panties, there were also a variety of shapewear,
sleepwear and extremely attractive line of lingerie; which we couldn’t resist to wish that we also have all
of those designs here in the Philippines. (Well, fingers crossed!)

Ms. Rochelle Rivera

Ms. Liz Lanuzo

Our next destination is Wacoal’s new building at Kyoto, which is where their study hall is located.
It is one of the important points of Wacoal Japan because this is where they train
and educate women about the processes in creating a brassiere, the science behind Wacoal’s
items and women’s body.


Some of the Wacoal designers leading us through the process of creating and styling the brassiere


Our influencers, recording every single important detail from the designers
(Be sure to check their blogs to see their Passion for Product Tour experiences)

“Some of the designers of Wacoal talked about their process.
The most challenging part of designing lingerie is working with delicate materials like lace and appliques.
They also have to think about new ideas for each season.” – Ms. Liz Lanuzo

We found the Trefle Spring – Summer Collection interesting, for it has themes and stories behind it.
Last 2017, their theme was a “Happy Good Luck Sign” and some collections under it were New Moon,
Shooting Star and what’s really interesting is their Lucky Lilac collection which is based
from a Japanese myth, which entails that; if you find a lilac with 5 petals, you have to swallow
it and you’ll have a happy ever after. Isn’t that cute? Also, the materials used
for the Trefle collection were not ordinary line of materials, it is a combination of premium laces
and even small metal materials. Plus it usually takes a year before the collection is
conceptualized, designed, developed, produced and later on distributed to the stores.
Imagine how much dedication they pour to each and every collection.


It does not end there, for our final stop; the Wacoal head office which is where the Museum,
Human Science Research Center and Testing center is located. We had a tour of the Museum of Beauty
and got a glimpse of the parts of the brassiere, and some old designed brassieres from 60’s to 70’s.
How did they manage to keep all of those?

A photo of how they use to Advertise Wacoal before


We also had a chance to see their Testing Center and we saw how meticulous they are in testing
all of the materials to be used on the items to test its durability. What’s really interesting is that they allot
a room where they wash and soak finished items for more than a hundred hours
using a special washing machine to test if the items would change its shape. They are really not playing games
when it comes to ensuring the quality of the products, right?


There are more than a hundred reasons why #EveryBodyLovesWacoal.
From all the processes, to designing strategies, Wacoal corp., had been exerting so much effort
in each and every detail to complete a perfect fit underwear and of course to live up to its mission;
To help women express their desire to be beautiful.


Credits to: Gerry Images

We would like to thank these amazing influencers who have helped us document the whole trip:

Ms. Camille Co

Ms. Shari Macainag

Ms. Liz Lanuzo

Ms. Kath Rivera

Ms. Rochelle Rivera


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