Size Conversion

A70 32A 32A
B70 32B 32B
C70 32C 32C
A75 34A 34A
B75 34B 34B
C75 34C 34C
A80 36A 36A
B80 36B 36B
C80 36C 36C
D80 36D 36D
E80 36DD 36E
A85 38A 38A
B85 38B 38B
C85 38C 38C
D85 38D 38D
E85 38DD 38E
A90 40A 40A
B90 40B 40B
C90 40C 40C
D90 40D 40D
E90 40DD 40E
B95 42B 42B
C95 42C 42C
D95 42D 42D
E95 42DD 42E

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What I Cannot Live Without in my Active Life By Dyan Castillejo

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Low-Impact Exercises To Get You Started

Have you always wanted to get fit and sexy but you don’t know how to begin? We’ve gathered a list of different low-impact exercises to kick off your active lifestyle. These fun exercises are easy on the body while getting your heart pumping and calories burning. Beat those “newbie” blues and kick-start a new you!
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Sexy Mamas’ Tips on How to Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy

Meet these five wonderful ladies who are now rocking their hot momma bodies. We know that it's not easy to whip your body back into shape after being pregnant for nine months. But here are some real-world advice on how to exercise your way back to your ideal weight
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Why You Need To Secure The “Girls” During Sports

No sportswear is complete without a good sports bra. This gym wear is often under-rated but it is the most important part of your outfit. Why? We’ve listed down four reasons why you need to wear a well-fitting sports bra during sports and workouts:
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Q&A with Marella Salamat: What it Means to be a Woman in Sports

We’ve asked our Southeast Asian Games’ women’s cycling gold medalist on how it is to be an athlete in a male-dominated sport. This 21-year-old’s success story has been an inspiration to a lot of Filipinas, after her gold victory on her first ever international competition. Why do you also have to get into sports? Find out how this amazing world changed her life:
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Ultra-Feminine Women in High-Impact Sports

    Ronda Rousey     Photo from Ronda Rousey’s Instagram page (@rondarousey)   Ronda Rousey, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, is considered as the #1 pound-for-pound female mixed martial arts fighter in the world. The whole world admired her intensity and fierceness in her latest UFC fight against Bethe Correia. She knocked down Bethe in just 34 seconds. Rousey is the first female fighter to sign with the UFC and within five years, she has become the most popular female mixed martial artist. She also gets regular modeling work and landed acting roles in different films.  
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Athletic and Feminine: Be beautiful and Fit! By Dyan Castillejo

Serena Williams. Maria Sharapova. Ronda Rousey. Mia Hamm. They are just some of our world-class champions who have proven that athleticism and femininity can co-exist in our world today. 
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How Sports Bras Can Make You Look Good While Working Out

Gone are the days when being sporty meant wearing drab outfits. Sports bra designs have now evolved to make you look good while working out.   The new Wacoal Sports Bra was fashioned to make you look sporty and stylish at the same time. It’s suited for all kinds of exercises: from low-impact and medium-impact activities to high intensity workouts. It’s also available in different colors to perk up and complement your whole fab workout attire.
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Why More Filipinas Are Embracing the Active Lifestyle

More Filipinas are now beginning to embrace the active lifestyle. Whether it’s discovering a new sport or enjoying a regular workout, getting fit is no longer just a trend! It has now become a part of the lifestyle of the new fit Filipina. Regardless of age, occupation and fitness level, plenty of ladies have proven that prioritizing fitness has tons of benefits. So if you still haven’t tried this fulfilling lifestyle, check out this list of five major reasons why you should also start sweating out:
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Lace Lover!

I’ve seen the general preference of many ladies over seamless brassieres or more popularly known as T-shirt bras. This may have stemmed from our fondness of cotton shirts. Admittedly, seamless bras maybe the most useful/flexible bra one could ever have. The T-shirt bra is designed with a mold cup and has no seam on the cup. Hence, it gives a natural round silhouette of the breasts.
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