Wacoal in SM City Consolacion

Last June 1, 2012, SM City Consolacion had its grand opening in Cebu. read more

Payment Now Available

The payment gateway of www.wacoal.ph is now working. You can now place your orders and claim your vouchers. Enjoy shopping! read more

Payment Page Under Construction

We apologize for the inconvenience our website may have brought you for the past few days. As you can see, our website is up and running again (except for the payment page). We are still fixing some technical issues, but we hope that everything will be running smoothly again in a couple of days. read more

Treat for Smile Magazine Readers

If you saw our ad on Smile Magazine this May, here’s your code (SML0512) and how you can claim the gift voucher. read more

Underwear Shopping with Mom

Most moms buy their daughters’ underwear for several reasons. Some girls are shy to do underwear shopping, some are simply satisfied with what their moms buy for them, and some moms think that all undergarments are all the same. read more

Travel Essentials

Sunblock, shades and swimwear are the first things we think of when summer vacations are mentioned. With the long, long weekend next week, where do you plan to spend it? Will it be a time for family, friends, the church, or will it be a time for your greatest summer getaway? read more

Go strap-free!

Summer is here! And I’m pretty sure that you’ll soon be donning your sleeveless and showcasing your fabulous shoulders and arms. Just be cautious that you don’t reveal your bra straps when wearing a tank top or a sleeveless outfit. Otherwise, it would totally ruin your look. read more
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