Keep Abreast

Through the years, Wacoal has always been keen on understanding the needs of women. Wacoal believes that wellness is an important aspect in order to be beautiful, and the Keep Abreast campaign is a significant move to help women in their pursuit for beauty.

The "Keep Abreast" campaign started in October 2005. This advocacy focuses on early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer. Philippine Wacoal Corp., together with its partner - Gift2Life, Inc., has been holding seminars to inform and educate the public about breast cancer. The group also conducts clinical breast examination after the seminar. The company also helps to raise funds by selling pink ribbon souvenir items to its customers and the proceeds are donated to the above mentioned foundation.

Philippine Wacoal Corp. has produced a documentary video on the hope and survival of breast cancer patients. The video CD provides an overview of the disease, as well as important information about the risk factors, how to prevent the disease and how to do self-breast examination. The video CD provides and the brochures are provided free to any organizations who are interested.

According to Dr. Cristina L. Santos, a breast cancer surgeon and the Keep Abreast resource speaker, there is a rising incidence of breast cancer worldwide and in the Philippines. In our country, the reason may be due to the continuous westernization of our lifestyle. She added further, that it is sad to note our survival rate is still low compared to our neighboring countries because of our weak intensification of early detection efforts; the absence of a population-based mammography screening; and the expensive advanced breast cancer treatments.

Dr. Santos pointed out that the breast cancer can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. Early detection and treatment are keys to finding early stage breast cancer and saving lives. The earlier it is diagnosed and treated, the higher the chances for survival and the less costly the total treatment will be. 

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