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Wacoal Corp. is Japan's leading manufacturer of women's intimate apparel. Moreover, Wacoal is one of the world's major intimate apparel brands. Since its establishment, the company has built a formidably strong position - particularly in mid-to-high-end markets - by developing products that offer the highest quality and value.

Wacoal Corp. started in Japan in 1946 by young soldier named KOICHI TSUKAMOTO. The company was first known as "WAKO - SHOJI" - WA meaning harmony and KO refers to region Shiga, place of origin of Mr. Koichi Tsukamoto, and SHOJI as a trading company.

Recovering from post-war in Japan, Wako-Shoji was given the chance to enter the undergarments business when Japanese women started shifting their traditional costumes to Western clothes. The company introduced the first bra-pads made of spiral/coiled aluminum spring with a round stuffed cloth on the bottom - enhancing women's bustline underneath their clothes.

The first business day of the company as Wako-Shoji Co. Ltd. was in November 1, 1949. The company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of women's undergarments. In the later years (November 1957) the corporate name was changed to "WACOAL" when it began dealing in the international market.


The Wacoal trademark is designed from the initial letter of Wacoal. The flowing lines form a flower representing a "feminine, elegant, and fashionable" image. It also represents two strips of ribbon that suggest the soft and unconstrained texture of textiles and fabrics. The Wacoal Fashion Flower is a symbol of the company's blooming future, The company will cultivate it with great care to make it a flower that truly deserves everyone's love.

Currently, Wacoal Corp. is composed of 57 subsidiaries and 8 affiliated companies all over the world. Wacoal's mainstay business is manufacture, wholesale, and direct sales to consumers (for some products) of intimate apparel (mainly women's foundation garments, lingerie, nightwear and children's underwear), outerwear, sportswear, hosiery, and other textile products and engage in several business lines that are ancillary to the core intimate apparel business. In addition, Wacoal runs other businesses related to food, culture, services and interior furnishing of shops. 


Philippine Wacoal Corp. was established in June 1, 1989, as a joint venture between Filipino - owned company and Wacoal Corp. of Japan. Currently, Philippine Wacoal Corp. is 100% foreign owned by Wacoal International Hong Kong Co., Ltd. 

The operation of Philippine Wacoal Corp. is limited to local distribution (wholesale and direct sales) of women's intimate apparel and occasionally, swimwear and nightwear. PWC Imports its products from other Wacoal subsidiaries located in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan.

3F, 6788 Ayala Avenue, Oledan Square, Makati City
TEL NO: 8892 - 5706
FAX NO: 7752 - 0940
E-MAIL: customer.service@wacoal.ph

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