Sports Bra - NB1137 BL

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Be in the mood to work out with this medium impact sports bra. You will definitely get the support your bust needs.


• Youth and vitality: The dot-printed fabric is matched with the sporty mesh fabric to present a youthful and energetic atmosphere.
• Five-star support: The use of removable foam cups, combined with the five-star elastic support design, can reduce the shaking of the chest during exercise, and give the chest all-round support and protection.
• Stretch comfort: 3.3CM wide shoulder straps are used, with permanent moisture wicking function. The wide shoulder straps can disperse the pressure points of the shoulders and neck when exercising, and the length of the shoulder straps can be modified according to individual body shape, allowing you to wear It is more comfortable and close to the body when exercising.
• Cool yarn: The inner layer is made of cool yarn, which is close to the skin. The ventilation holes are designed to absorb moisture quickly without retaining moisture, making it dry and free of burden.
• Back button design: Back button design , which can avoid the problem of not easy to put on and take off due to a lot of sweat during exercise.

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