How to achieve ‘luck from within’ this Lunar New Year

How to achieve ‘luck from within’ this Lunar New Year

The celebration of Chinese New Year has been a grand affair in the Philippines. The Filipinos together with the Fil-Chi community in the country observe various customs and rituals - from the preparation of 12 lucky fruits, giving “angpao”, dragon and lion dances to fireworks and making noises - let’s not forget that unlike other holidays, what you wear during the Lunar New Year is as important as the celebration themselves.


Why is it important to wear new clothes during the Lunar New year

One of the oldest traditions in the Chinese Spring Festival celebrations is acquiring new clothes for the new year as this symbolically emphasizes the idea of change, new beginnings and ridding of the old. 

Historically, during the ancient times, wives, mothers or even farmers normally sew or knit new clothes for the family ahead of the Chinese New year. Today, while this is still done traditionally by other families, it is often substituted for shopping for new clothes instead. 

This is the same for wearing fresh and new underwear for that ‘luck from within’. 

Apart from wearing new clothing, color is also one of the things to be considered as it represents either good or bad fortune.

The lucky colors of the year of the Dragon in 2024 

  1. Red

If you are unsure of what to wear for the festivities, your starting point should be red. In Chinese culture, the color red is associated with good fortune and prosperity. It is usually worn during the Lunar New year as it wards off evil spirits and brings blessings to the wearer. 

Wearing red underwear is also a practice that is rooted in tradition. It is believed that this can help protect you from “bad energy” - this belief has gained popularity over the years that during the celebration of the Lunar New year streets of China, Department stores and even Online shops are full of Red bras, panties or even briefs for men. 

Our Reco: Get yourself a Wacoal red push-up bra, IB3216. A simple pushup function would also help elevate your Lunar New year look. Pair it with the Wacoal Red Lacey Thong panty, IP4381 and feel effortlessly luxurious.

If you are also gifting someone, Wacoal boutiques offer exclusive panty flower packaging for every purchase of panties. A perfect way to gift someone their red underwear and together achieve “luck from within”. 

2. Gold and Yellow

Gold is also one of the most popular colors of the Lunar New year - it is believed that this color brings wealth, prosperity and success. Wearing or displaying gold during the holiday can attract fortune and financial prosperity. 

On the other hand, Yellow is also considered as a lucky color and often means happiness, good health and longevity. 

Our Reco: The Yellow Mood Lacey bra, MM1X65 enjoy the light comfort that this lacey bra brings. Pair it with Mood all vibes Lacey Panty, MUMX65.

3. Green 

It is believed that if you wear something green this offers growth, renewal and prosperity. Wearing green will attract positive energy! 

Our Reco: Go with the Wacoal Full Cup Bra, HB4310 a clean cut designed seamless bra for a smoother look. 

4. Purple 

A color that people would most likely not use in ornaments, but it brings royalty, nobility and good fortune to anyone who is using it. Wearing this color during the holidays will bring blessings and prosperity. 

Our Reco: A standout style for fit and comfort, The Wacoal Premium Bra, 853191. Features a very intricate lace pattern in its bands which helps bring out that sophisticated look.

5. Pink 

This color is often related to love, happiness and good fortune. Instantly attract good energy when you wear this color.



Our Reco: The Wacoal Comfort Fit Bra, WH4M01, instantly light up the mood with a non-wired bra with a smooth fabric. Also available in other lucky colors, yellow and purple. Pair it with Mood All Vibes low-rise panty, MUMX69. 


It is essential to consider the cultural significance of the hues and how they contribute to a very festive and meaningful celebration. Starting to wear underwear with these colors will surely set your Lunar New year feels and quickly achieve the “luck from within”. 

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