Shapewear Tips to Flaunt Your Curves on Your Next Date Look

Shapewear Tips to Flaunt Your Curves on Your Next Date Look

Want to elevate your date night fit? Looking to boost your confidence daily? Then shapewear can emphasize your curves and improve your sense of self-assurance today.

Shapewear is made to empower your style and transform your clothing experience, particularly during daunting yet exciting occasions like date nights. Your chosen outfit for the day can be leveled up with form-fitting pieces like girdles, corsets, and bodysuits, polishing your overall look and transforming how you feel about yourself too.

Enhance your sense of self-worth when you find the perfect type of bra that fits your needs this year. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to discover the transformative impact of body-sculpting undergarments for daily use or special occasions.

The positive impact of shapewear on women

Your clothing and fashion choices can have an incredible impact on your confidence. When you choose to wear clothes that make you feel comfy, pretty, and happy, you instantly boost your confidence and mood, thus improving your well-being overall.

Dressing up in clothes that provide beauty and empowerment brings about that sense of power and positivity towards yourself too. In wearing bras that make you feel sleek and sexy, you exude a sleek and sexy energy of your own - which is a feeling that you’ll want to have when you do exciting things, like going out on dates with your partner or a new beau.

Top clothing choices like well-fitting shapewear can increase your personal feelings of self-assurance and will help you feel confidently for any dating situation. With Wacoal’s line of body-hugging pieces, you can easily boost your confidence and enjoy the transformative effects of such fierce-looking fashion choices right now.

Wacoal shapewear: A unique confidence booster

Even the best kinds of shapewear for women can get a bad rap for being too tight, too uncomfortable, or too discouraging to wear. But with the right type of fitted undergarment, you can enjoy a transformative experience that will make you look more gorgeous and feel more sexy.

Wacoal’s selection of bodysuits, girdles, and corsets will easily elevate your confidence and positively impact your vibe for every occasion. From day-to-day life to fun but daunting date nights, you can expect a unique boost to your self-esteem when you wear one of the bodysuits, girdles, or corsets from Wacoal.

Want to discover the best undergarments to wear for your next big date? Check out the next section of this guide to discover Wacoal’s versatile selection of body-hugging products right now.

The best shapewear in the Philippines for every occasion

Looking for an expert collection of tips to pair your shapewear with your next date outfit? Here are six of the best ways that you can style these versatile undergarments, corsets, girdles, and bodysuits for every kind of occasion this year.

1. Short girdle shapewear for tummy-tucked bottoms

Do you have a pair of pants you want to flaunt, or a skirt you want to try on for yourself? Then start pairing your bottoms with a high-waisted short girdle to truly show off your voluptuous tummy, waist, and hips.

short girdle shapewear for tummy-tucked bottoms 

Wacoal’s High Waist Short Girdle, WG4107, P2,650.

This first Wacoal piece on the list will help to flatten your stomach area and lift your butt, thus letting you fit into any set of bottoms perfectly. With the high waist on this short girdle, you can also expect firm support from your abdomen to your thigh area.

Enjoy exquisite comfort for every occasion too with the soft and simple Lycra fabric from this choice of clothing. Don't forget to integrate this versatile short girdle into your next look for a sexy, tummy-tucked date night silhouette.

2. Comfy girdles for an easygoing afternoon

Going on a casual daytime date with your beau? When you want to wear something that shapes your figure without putting a lot of pressure on your body, then your next best undergarment choice for this chill occasion should be the relaxed semi-long girdle.

wacoal semi-long girdle 

Wacoal’s Semi Long Girdle, 18192, P1,850.

This go-to girdle boasts a smooth and seamless design that sculpts your tummy area, thighs, and hips, without putting too much pressure or compression on your body. It has special side panels to firm up your side bulges, while also having a cotton crotch for an even comfier fit.

Enjoy an easygoing afternoon at the park or at lunch with this trimming and body-hugging selection. Feel free to pair this undergarment choice with a casual outfit, like a tank top or blouse with a pair of jeans as well.

3. Body-sculpting underwear for day-to-day confidence

Looking for a simple but effective piece of shapewear for everyday confidence? If you’re hoping to wear something that'll help sculpt your body and make you look and feel good all the time, then you should definitely go for Wacoal’s shape pants for a versatile and seamless undergarment experience.

wacoal shape pants

Wacoal’s Shape Pants, 18191, P1,495.

Feel beautiful and self-assured in this body-sculpting underwear by pairing it with any of your favorite dresses or skirts. Flaunt your natural figure with the Shape Pants’ reinforcement fabric, to compress your tummy and shape your side bulges too. This undergarment’s free-cut hem also ensures that no seams can be seen beneath your clothes, thus promising a smooth and crease-free look today.

4. Bodysuit shapewear for first date confidence

First time to go out with a new beau and want to make a good first impression? Build up that much-needed first-date confidence by donning the classic Wacoal bodysuit girdle under your planned outfit.

wacoal body suit girdle 

Wacoal’s Body Suit Girdle, LB7931, P1,795.

This basic type of bodysuit can be seamlessly integrated into any look, either as an undergarment or a stylish outer layer. Not only can it serve as a bra and a body-shaping girdle, but it can also be paired with a fashionable undershirt, jacket, or blazer over top.

Whatever way you wear this piece, the Wacoal Body Suit Girdle will help in shaping and sculpting your already gorgeous figure. Enjoy a flatter tummy, thinner waist, emphasized bust line, and smoother hip shape for that absolutely stunning silhouette during your first date.

5. Corset-style shapewear for a bodycon ‘fit

A bodycon dress is a type of outfit that is usually made of stretchy cloth that tightly hugs your whole figure. Its purpose is to accentuate your curves for a sophisticated and sexy look, perfect for all kinds of special occasions.

Don a skin-tight bodycon dress for something fancy, like an evening of drinks with your partner, and wear a corset-style long-line bodysuit under your dress to fully show off those naturally gorgeous curves.

wacoal corset

Wacoal’s Corset, LB7021, P2,450.

This long-line bra is a signature piece from Wacoal that gives full body support while also lifting the bust line and trimming your waist area. Its corset-like fit offers the perfect silhouette or figure for any body type, letting you fit perfectly into a body-hugging outfit like a bodycon dress.

Not into the bodycon look? You can still wear this corset as a sleeveless top, or pair it with a blouse, jacket, or blazer on top.

6. A lacy shapewear dress for a private night in

Expecting a private night with your partner, after several fun dates? dress to impress with a sexy lingerie-shapewear dress.

wacoal sexy lingerie 

Wacoal’s Sexy Lingerie, 814191, P2,450.

This lacy piece is a comfortable full-body dress that is perfect for relaxing, sleeping, staying in, and more. With its intricate floral designs and mesh bodice, the seductive look of this dress will help to define your contours and show off your assets, even if you’re just hanging out at home.

Enjoy a night with your beau by pairing this dress with a blazer or jacket, for a hot look that you can wear outdoors. Remember to check out the rest of the lingerie selections that this brand has to offer for a full set of fun date night options.

Empowering your experience with a shapewear bodysuit

With this variety of Wacoal shapewear, you can embrace a comfy and confident version of yourself while showing off your beautiful curves all at the same time. No matter the date or occasion, make sure to don your favorite bodysuit, corset, or girdle for that empowering and beautiful fashion experience this year.

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