Take charge of Breast Health - ChatmosiDoc

Take charge of Breast Health - ChatmosiDoc

In collaboration with Gift2Life, we take charge of Breast Health! From October 1-31, 2023, we will conduct a FREE CONSULT for you and your loved ones. See complete details and guidelines below:

1. Please use the code: Wacoal_Full Name_Age for the initial message and send to  ChatmosiDoc  (FB messenger). Example: Wacoal_Maria Cruz_31.

2. All consulting individuals may expect a reply from a breast cancer specialist of Chatmosi Doc within  24 hours.

3. Each consulting individual, even seniors and PWDs, must use their personal FB accounts. For those who do not have an FB account, a concerned individual or family member must create one for the consulting individual.

4. Chatmosi Doc can fulfill a chat group online consult but the consulting senior or PWD must actively participate.

5. No call or video conference for or during online consults will be allowed. Only FB personal messenger or PM chat will be allowed.

6. All online consults will NOT be time bound; anyone may send a message or reply anytime.

7. We highly encourage follow-up of results or continue future consultations after the free online consults on October 1-31, 2023.

8. There will be a full patient confidentiality throughout the consultation process.

9. During the free online consultations, the following will be evaluated:
          - Breast cancer risk factor assessment;
          - Clinical assessment of the breast concern(s);
          - Recommendations with the needed RX/request. All needed medical tests (breast imaging tests, laboratory tests, biopsy procedure, processing of specimen for histopathology, mastectomy, etc.) will be at the consulting patient’s cost. We will only guide them as to patient’s best options;
          - Gift2Life has facility partners so patients without HMO and with limited budget may avail of the needed procedures of assured reliable results and at reduced costs.

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