Your Guide to What Bra Works Best for Your Party Outfit

Your Guide to What Bra Works Best for Your Party Outfit

What bra will look best with your next party ‘fit? Choosing the right bra or undergarment is crucial when it comes to putting together any event ensemble. With all the different necklines and body silhouettes in fashion right now, pairing your outfit with the right undergarment can make or break your comfort and confidence in your overall look today. Got an eye out for the perfect bustier for your bombshell wardrobe? Wondering what’s a good support bra for an elaborate dress or gown? Check out this guide by Wacoal to find the perfect pair for your next party ‘fit.

What is the best bra to wear with your party outfit?

No matter what outfit you wear, you deserve to feel comfy and confident with the undergarments that you pair with your dress. Don’t know what to put on underneath your fashionable ‘fit? Discover a wide range of clothing options that will elevate your confidence with the help of this Wacoal style guide right now.

1. Strapless bandeaus for a flirty off-the-shoulder look

Want to don a dress or top that shows off your elegant collarbones and sexy shoulders? Then you should definitely go for Wacoal’s premium bandeau line to compliment your flirty off-the-shoulder look.

wacoal bandeau bra for off-the-shoulder outfits

With the bandeau line’s adjustable and even removable straps, you can wear and pair this product with any type of dress that has shoulderless sleeves or deep plunging necklines. Don’t let errant sleeve straps ruin your look; try out one of Wacoal’s bandeaus for a fun and fashionable fit.

2. Form-fitting bra tops for a body-hugging number

If you’re planning to dress up and show off your voluptuous curves at your next event, then you should check out this next line of comfy seamless bra tops for your next gorgeous body-hugging number.

gococi bra for body-hugging clothes

You can easily show off your confidence in a skintight dress with the smooth and sleek profile of Wacoal’s bra tops. Dresses and tops will slide over these well-fitted pieces with ease, without any bulky or protruding material getting in the way.

3. Lace-on-lace for your bra-and-dress combo

Have a lacey nighttime outfit that you want to show off? Why not pair it with lace undergarments for a cute and complete combo? Go for a lace-on-lace look with the help of Wacoal’s lace bras.

wacoal salute bra for peek-a-boo outfits

With the extensive selection of lace undergarments available in the market today, you can exude class and refinement any time, inside and out. From simpler push-up pieces to the sophisticated Salute collection, you can definitely look and feel your best in your next lace-on-lace event ensemble this year.

4. Sexy lingerie for a backless ‘fit

If you’re daring enough to show off a little more skin with a backless outfit, then you should go all the way by flaunting your sexy Wacoal lingerie too. Dare to go bare with a low-back dress for your next big event, and make a statement with a gorgeous lingerie piece from Wacoal’s collection of bras and undergarments.

wacoal push up bra for classic outfits

You can even make use of lingerie bodysuits to serve as a backless top for your sexy ‘fit. Whatever piece you choose, you can definitely look luxurious and feel extra beautiful with these lingerie looks right now.

5. Classic full-cup for classic Filipiniana

Attending a formal event that calls for the time-honored Filipiniana dress? Then you can certainly go for a classic full-cup bra underneath all your fancy layers of piña cloth and butterfly sleeves this year. A full-cup bra will provide maximum support and coverage for a practical and comfortable formal event. While you flaunt your culture and class on the outside, you can enjoy a soft and snug undergarment experience on the inside with this type of bra too.

6. Multiway pieces for the indecisive wearer

Not sure what to wear for your next event ensemble yet? No need to fear - your undergarment choices are covered with this next recommendation. No matter what outfit you land on, you can rest assured that these multiway pieces will match every dress or top for all occasions. Multiway bras are fully adjustable, with straps that can be worn in a halter, one-side, or criss-cross design. You can even remove the straps for an outfit that requires sleeve-free undergarments. With these multipurpose pieces, you can definitely enjoy various bra types that fit every style and last-minute look.

7. Flaunt-worthy corsets for a sleek cocktail event

Want to show off your love for your undergarments all the way? Then you should definitely go for this next selection of form-fitting corsets to fully flaunt your best brassiere choices at your next nighttime shindig.

wacoal corset for cocktail events

With a sleek-looking corset, you can get away with pairing such an undergarment with a simple blazer, or even just a skirt or set of pants. No need to cover up this beauty - show off this sexy corset ensemble in all its glory at your next cocktail event today.

8. Travel-friendly pieces for the out-of-town party

If you’re traveling for your next event and need to pack your clothes with you, then you’ll want a piece that can be rolled up without sacrificing its shape. Good thing Wacoal has its travel-friendly Mood line that’s perfect for this exact occasion.

Enjoy stress-free travel with clothes that can be tossed around without trouble. With the Wacoal Mood Travel Bra’s spacer fabric and power netting, you can luxuriate in light and breathable undergarment fabric, no matter where your party is today.

9. Sports bras for energetic dance parties

Not all parties call for formal or sexy looks. Some events call for more flexible ‘fits, like dance parties, bar crawls, and even nighttime raves.

Ready to dance the night away? Then you should check out this incredibly flexible line of sports bras right now. No matter how wild and lively your dancing and partying gets, you can stay comfy and snug underneath your sweaty clothes with the breathable compression material from these sport-style bras.

10. Comfy non-wire pieces for a quiet night in

From sexy bodycon outfits to formal Filipiniana fashions, you’ve explored a wide range of party ‘fits for every occasion throughout this guide. But what if you’re just enjoying a casual dinner party with friends, or even just a quiet night in?

If you’re in the market for the comfiest options possible for your next friendly gathering, then you should definitely go for some super cozy non-wire pieces. This line of undergarments provides a comfy wearing experience while helping you exude confidence with any dress or top today. Look and feel your absolute best with Wacoal’s non-wire pieces as you enjoy the company of your closest friends and family this year.

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